Invitational Art Show & Sale

The Bank of Utah and UVU have some of my artworks hanging in their show! Come down to the Bank of Utah located at 3670 North University Avenue in Provo, now through February 22nd. They are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.


Launched Our Online Store!

You can now purchase my frames at my new website

To celebrate our store’s launch, now through January 20th all of our frames are up to 10% off!

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!

Framing on the Road - Scottsdale, AZ Trip

I’d like to let everyone know what my vacations are like.

Last weekend, I spent a few nights in Scottsdale Arizona on a mission to deliver a frame to a customer. This wasn’t any ordinary frame. The Russian painting that this frame was for was over six feet by thirteen feet! With some careful planning, we made the delivery in a rather unusual manner — we built it on the road!

At my shop, we built and finished each side of the oversized frame in such a way that we could put it together again with ease. The four sides were wrapped and packed into my truck. It was so big, I had to have it coming through the back window of my cab. Tools and luggage were packed, and then my wife and I were on our way.


In Scottsdale, I assembled the frame on the road — fastening the four sides together (along with some other pieces) and touched it up.


It turns out that frames this size don’t always fit through the front door. Brennen Gallery has an arched door that wouldn’t accommodate this picture frame. We made it work by going over an eight foot fence in the back and using the back entrance.

Sometimes an order can be huge, there will be a special request on a time or delivery, or puzzles that I will have to solve to meet a customer’s needs. I’m glad I was able to successfully complete this task, and that such a large order had safely made it to its destination.

Heirloom Show

I had a great time meeting and talking with those who attended the opening of my art show at the Heirloom Gallery of Art last Thursday. It was a relaxing way to end quite the hectic week! If you are in the Provo area, make sure to stop by the gallery anytime in October and see my latest creations. Also remember to follow me on Instagram, where you can see my paintings and be notified of all future art shows.

You can visit Heirloom Gallery at 4801 N University Avenue, Suite 350, Provo, Utah. They are open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Closed Sunday.

Heirloom Rett[21786].PNG

Numinous & Bucolic Show

(Written by Skyler Ashby, Rett’s Son)

Last Thursday, a reception was held in Sanpete County for “Numinous & Bucolic: A Show of Contrasts.” Rett and artist Ron Richmond were the exclusive artists for this new show. Ron’s work has some religious (“numinous”) themes, and Rett’s artwork has the rural, country feel (“bucolic”). The reception turned out to be quite a success, and probably over 60 people attended the show’s launch. I am impressed by the city of Mt. Pleasant, and their appreciation for the arts. The gallery is located at the Hub City Gallery, 115 West Main Street in Mt. Pleasant, upstairs in their city hall. You will be able to see and purchase the artwork there until October 13th.


Upcoming Future

Many great projects are lined up for 2018! Despite the large amount of upcoming events and orders, there will be many updates to the website and social media. This will be possible because of the additional help I have received with my family in the past few months. Join us through our social media links located at the bottom of the page, and remember to subscribe or add me as a friend. Thanks everyone!

New Frames

venetian with heavy antique warm 12k

venetian 12k

Florentine 22k

4.5 inch panel frame all gold

Past Projects

What I did on my summer vacation
 it was a square empty room when I began
to see in much better quality see it here at Vimeo

A Few new Paintings

A couple new paintings headed to Principle gallery for a show this weekend

Artists Shelf 10x32

Jugs and Grapes

On the Easel

In process 20x49
one of 25 new paintings that should be ready for galleries by
Mid march
It is painting time spent the last few weeks getting a lot of painting time in
I have a few shows coming up
along with an article in
Art of the West
also the Website getting a little work done
check it out here with more to come

Recent Frames for William Suys

 I recently (Last Spring) finished a batch of Frames For William Suys Check out his website

Inner Dance

                                                                Primrose Collar

                                                              The Benevolent Master

I have always had a hard time naming my paintings, after reading his I tried to do better and be more confident in naming them. It Didn't work

Painting outside this week


Painting in West Provo this week for the show this coming

Reception 4-8
at the Window Box Gallery
62 West Center,   Provo

Above 9x12 oil   Dawn Storm

9x14  oil    Reminders of Home

Just completed

Its Show time again,

need to start finishing up all I started over the summer

Finishing off the plein air Shows I will be at the Leconte Stewart invitational reception Oct 12 at
Apple Frame Gallery Bountiful, Utah 6-8 pm
and Just before that the Window box Gallery here in Provo Has an invitational plein air event
September 24-28 with reception on the 28th 4-8 pm

Legacy has its fall Kick off the first part of October

along with new work at Principle and Authentique galleries very soon  
We are  moving into that busy time of year

Few New Paintings

"White Wash"
"The Horse Shed"

"Indian Summer "

"Lady in Waiting"
(still in process, should be finished later this week)

"Standing Tall "

"Down in Valley"

"Late Evening Walk"
(Bad Photo will try and get better one)

"Hog Hollow"

"Across the Way"


Ryan Brown Frames

A couple of recent Ryan Brown Frames
the top frame was conveniently  purchased by one of the shipping company's
it is a 6 inch Florentine style with raised sgraffito
designed by the artist
the lower frame a tabernacle 12k lip with dental molding
Below also a Ryan Brown
designed by him also a warm 12k frame with cookies in the corners and centers
44x60 aproximately 7 inches wide

Mardi Gras

The other day I received a Cake (or some kind of bakery thing) from one of the owners of a gallery.
(Thanks Michele)  so here is one of my more festive Mardi Gras Painting.
While on an extreme sugar high,
I plan to attack the easel again.